The 401k Report Card® was created with a primary objective: 1) To make it as easy as possible for people to actively manage the investments in their 401k.

Every solution begins with a problem. The problem we noticed was rather straightforward: People don’t spend the time needed to do proper research on market trends or investment performance.

Unfortunately, the financial services industry is dominated by the good old buy and hold mentality and flooded with Predictions, Opinions, Outlooks, and Forecasts. This combination can be devastating to a portfolio.

With our rules-based risk management approach, we believe in taking actions to avoid or mitigate risk and base those actions on Fact - because we know that in the long run, our strategy will survive the trip to retirement.

We built the 401k Report Card® as a solution that tells everyday people the what and the when – and most of all – in a language they can understand!

Are you taking too much risk in your portfolio?

Jason Sandos - IAR

CEO, Sandos Financial, Inc. ♦ Registered Investment Advisor 

Founder of the 401k Report Card®

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