401(k) INVESTMENT CONSULTING SERVICES AGREEMENT  This Investment Consulting Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between Sandos Financial Inc. a Registered Investment Adviser DBA 401k Report Card (“The Firm”) and the subscribing client (“Client”). Whereby the Client desires to participate in 401(k) Investment Consulting Services as described below through which the IAR of Sandos Financial, Inc. will provide such services to the Client as outlined in the Agreement.  SERVICES:   401(k) investment allocation advice – The Firm will provide asset allocation and investment selections for Client’s company-sponsored retirement plan as a participant of that retirement plan.The Firm will review Client's retirement plan account investment options at monthly intervals and will make such recommendations from the list of available investment options in Client's retirement plan account as are deemed appropriate and consistent with Client's stated investment objectives and risk tolerance.The services under this Agreement do not constitute asset management services for Client’s retirement plan account; “The Firm” will not have investment discretion or trading authority over Client's retirement plan account. The client will determine whether or not to implement the advice. The implementation of any trades in Client's retirement plan account will be solely the responsibility of Client. The Client is under no obligation to act on the advice of “The Firm”. Furthermore, although not required, if Client chooses to implement such recommendations Client acknowledges that “The Firm” has made no guarantees of performance and acknowledges that like all stock market investments past performance is not guaranteed of future performance. “The Firm” will act in a fiduciary capacity to provide unbiased information in the best interest of the client.LIMITATIONS OF SERVICES: “The Firm” is not serving in the capacity of a Registered Investment Adviser towards any assets of the Client outside the scope of the consultation services contemplated by this Agreement. The advisory services rendered under this Agreement will be restricted only to the subscribed plan.   Client agrees that it is important to establish a confidential relationship with “The Firm”. As “The Firm” shall keep confidential all information relating to client and client acknowledges that all information is the intellectual property of “The Firm” and may not be shared with anyone else within or outside the company 401(k) plan. Any breach of confidentiality is considered a material breach of this Agreement.FEES: A fixed fee will be charged for the investment services designated above in the amount of: ____$27 monthly for a standalone 401k report card. ____$25 monthly for an additional custom portfolio report, using the simple Rank and Trend Min/Max model independently. ____$5 monthly to apply the Bull/Bear model as blended equal component______Total Monthly Fee Such fees will not be based on any sharing of capital gains or capital appreciation of client’s account. It is understood that all fees are based solely on a monthly advisory fee.  METHOD OF PAYMENT: (all payments are payable to “401k Report Card” a DBA of Sandos Financial, Inc. Client shall provide a credit card for monthly payment via 401kreportcard.com website. Client agrees to have payments debited each calendar month until client terminates this agreement.  NO GUARANTEE: Sandos Financial DBA 401k Report Card cannot guarantee performance. While Sandos Financial DBA 401k Report Card is confident in its models, market forces are impossible to predict and are subject to change.  TERMINATION: This Agreement may be terminated at any time by the client or Sandos Financial DBA 401k Report Card. No refunds will be granted as the analysis, report card and investment allocation has already been provided to the client. The client, however, may terminate this agreement at any time at their discretion.  ASSIGNMENT: This Agreement will not be assigned or transferred in any manner by the Client or Sandos Financial DBA 401k Report Card unless agreed to in writing by both client and the Firm.  ENTIRE AGREEMENT/AMENDMENTS:  This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Any changes or amendments to this Agreement must be in writing signed by each of the Parties. CONSENT TO ELECTRONIC DELIVERY:  By providing an E-Mail address below the client agrees to receive future documents, including disclosure documents, electronically.Email: ______________________________________________________ Initials _________ Receipt of Agreement and Brochure Disclosure Statement/Form ADV Part 2A, Part 2B and the Firm’s Privacy Policy. The Client hereby acknowledges that the Client has received a copy of this Agreement and SANDOS FINANCIAL, INC.' Disclosure Statement or Form ADV Part 2A, Part 2B and the Firm’s Privacy Policy describing the firm's services, fees, and qualifications. EXECUTION: The client accepts and agrees to abide by the terms of this Agreement, including those pertaining to the nature of the services to be rendered by SANDOS FINANCIAL, INC. and the fees for such services.  Client Signature:    _______________________________________    Date: ____________________________ Client Name:_____________________________________________ Client Phone:_______________________  Sandos Financial, Inc. DBA 401k Report Card:  Authorized Firm Signature: ___________________________________  Authorized Signatory Name: _________________________________ 

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